Alterations - System Infinity EP Visuals

Alterations - System Infinity EP Visuals, 2021

Digital Mixed Media

👾 Crafting visualizations for “System Infinity”, the third release in a trilogy of EPs from @Alterations, was a deep dive into the essence of music and animation.

This journey entailed immersing myself in the tracks, wireframing their narratives, and playing the EP on repeat to truly grasp its core. Each listen inspired a facet of the story I aimed to depict.

🤖 The challenge and joy lay in bringing these auditory tales to life: surreal, contemplative, and wildly imaginative. Every element was meticulously modeled and animated in Blender, culminating in a final video piece seamlessly produced in DaVinci Resolve 17.

Tools used:
BlenderDavinci ResolvePhotoshop
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