Heirloom, 2021

Digital Mixed Media

This one-of-a-kind guitar was hand crafted by a luthier named Mark Swanson for my pops (also named Mark Swanson). I grew up hearing this instrument and wanted to honor its role in the family. 🎸

The inlay and sound chamber cover are sustainably sourced abalone shell (from Kauai, I believe). Iridescence from the shell is incredibly difficult to get right in CG imagery but I think I managed it reasonably well here. 😎 I took a couple creative liberties here and there but its essence is retained.

The only assets that are not made from scratch are the rug (CC0), guitar stand(CC0), and clamps(Purchased) and some of the materials (CC0).

Tools used:
BlenderDavinci ResolvePhotoshop
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