Southern Freeway

Southern Freeway

Southern Freeway, 2022

Digital Mixed Media

This is my 3D extension of renowned Japanese illustrator/graphic designer Hiroshi Nagai's 'Southern Freeway' (2017).

I was drawn to Nagai's use of vibrant colors and the dreamy Americana in his subject matter.

While most of my pieces are original, this one is a heavily influenced remix from the original. This was the first time I tried to match the original composition 1-to-1 and then remix the elements from there. An interesting fact about this piece is that the bush with red flowers on the left side of the image was generated by DALL-E 2, a new AI system that can create realistic images and art from a description in natural language.

I started this piece at the beginning of 2021, only a few months after figuring my way around Blender. Back then, I was constantly jumping from project to project to apply new techniques and imagine new concepts. This project fell off my list but I'm super happy to finally call it 'done'!

Tools used:
BlenderDALL-E 2
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