Zero 7 'The Garden' Remix

Zero 7 'The Garden' RemixStill

Zero 7 'The Garden' Remix, 2021

Digital Mixed Media

🌹“The Garden” - 2021 - Modeled, textured, and animated in #Blender. Video edited in DaVinci Resolve.

🎶 Back again with another album art remix from Zero 7… this time “The Garden”! There is just something about album art that leaves me wishing it was more than just a static image. So I gave this one the 3D treatment to bring it to life!

🖼The original album art depicted a tear with a collage by Gideon London revealed underneath. To translate this into 3D meant painstakingly extracting each layer with Photoshop. With each layer now a separate piece in a stack, the pieces will look subtly different/askew depending on the camera perspective because of the variation in distance away from the lens.

Add some “dust” particles, a bit of movement, and a textured background that dynamically responds to light and 💥 BOOM ~ art ~

How does your music inspire you? Stay well, lovely people of the internet.

Tools used:
BlenderDavinci ResolvePhotoshop
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