Zero 7 'When It Falls' Remix

Zero 7 'When It Falls' RemixStill

Zero 7 'When It Falls' Remix, 2021

Digital Mixed Media

This project is my 3D take on the album art from Zero 7's "When It Falls". The scene really comes together at Frame 50, where the original art lines up perfectly with my work. I used different tricks like converting the artwork into SVG and then turning those into 3D meshes to make this happen.

To give it a little extra something, I added some compositing effects like chromatic aberration and film grain. The original artwork is a piece from Blue Source Studios, but not much is known about them. With this piece, I've tried to keep the spirit of the original while putting my own spin on it. It's art meets music, in 3D.

Tools used:
BlenderDavinci ResolvePhotoshop
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