Andy Warhol Interactive

Andy Warhol Interactive
Andy Warhol Interactive

Andy Warhol Interactive

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Project Overview 🌟

  • Client Project: Collaborated on a client project to develop a touchscreen experience for the "Contact Warhol: Photography Without End" exhibition at the Stanford Cantor Museum. The exhibition unveiled never-before-seen photographs by Andy Warhol, offering a deep dive into Warhol's interactions with the social and celebrity elite of his time.
  • Role as an Amanuensis: Worked as a web developer apprentice and amanuensis, typing out dictated code and actions, and gaining insights into freelancing activities.

Technical Details 🛠️

  • Tech Stack: JavaScript, HTML, Canvas.
  • Role: Apprentice in development.

Skills Developed 🛡️

  • Interactive Development: Learned the intricacies of developing interactive experiences through hands-on involvement in the project.
  • Client Project Management: Gained experience in managing client projects, understanding the requirements and expectations in a freelancing setup.