Ed Hardy Interactives

Ed Hardy Interactives
Ed Hardy Interactives

Ed Hardy Interactives

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Project Overview 🌟

  • Client Project: Collaborated on a client project to develop touchscreen experiences for the first museum retrospective of renowned tattoo artist Ed Hardy at San Francisco's de Young Museum. The exhibition, "Deeper than Skin," showcased Hardy's journey from a young artist fascinated with tattoo artistry to a master tattooist with a rich history of elevating tattooing from a subculture status to a recognized visual art form.
  • Role as an Amanuensis: As a web developer apprentice, I doubled as an amanuensis, actively involved in typing out dictated code and actions, and participating in freelancing activities.

Technical Details 🛠️

  • Tech Stack: JavaScript, HTML, HTML Canvas.
  • Role: Apprentice in development.

Skills Developed 🛡️

  • Collaborative Learning: Engaged in a continuous feedback loop of programming and strategy commentary, learning immensely from the experience.
  • Freelancing Skills: Gained insights into freelancing activities, including client communication and project management.