Internal ChatGPT Support App

Internal ChatGPT Support App
Internal ChatGPT Support App

Internal ChatGPT Support App

Web App

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In 2023, I spearheaded the development of an internal proof-of-concept ChatGPT Support App during the Summer Fix.Build.Learn hackathon week, assuming the roles of lead developer and project manager.

Responsibilities and Achievements

Collaboration with Stakeholders

  • Formulated and pitched the initial concept, successfully gathering a cross-functional team from various departments including Customer Support, Professional Development, and IT.
  • Maintained a collaborative approach by integrating stakeholder feedback throughout the development cycle, aiming to develop a tool beneficial to both new and tenured employees.

App Development and Management

  • Led the development of the ChatGPT Support App, overseeing every stage from conceptualization to presentation.
  • Ensured the creation of comprehensive documentation that outlined the project's goals, technical requirements, and the roles of each team member.

Technology Stack

  • Azure OpenAI Studio: Leveraged this platform to build the core of the web app, focusing on secure and efficient GPT-powered chatbot functionalities.
  • Other Technologies: Utilized a range of technologies to facilitate the development process, ensuring a successful build within the hackathon timeframe.


  • The project was well-received, showcasing its potential to streamline onboarding and provide self-serve information to employees, which led to the initiation of a successful pilot phase currently being undertaken by the company.
  • Presented the finished product to company stakeholders, highlighting the app's potential in enhancing operational efficiency.

Skills Developed

  • Technical Skills: Gained hands-on experience in utilizing Azure OpenAI Studio for web app development, enhancing technical proficiency.
  • Collaboration Skills: Fostered strong relationships through continuous engagement with stakeholders and cross-functional teams.
  • Problem-Solving Skills: Demonstrated adept problem-solving skills by overseeing the QA testing phase to identify and rectify bugs, ensuring the app met all technical and user requirements.