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Living Worlds

Living Worlds



Project Overview 🌟

  • Client Project: Collaborated on the Living Worlds app, a modern recreation of dynamic pixel art scenes created by legendary artist Mark Ferrari. The app, celebrating its 25th anniversary, brings the original scenes to life with real-time transitions, ambient soundscapes, and logbook stories, offering a unique and immersive experience.
  • Role as an Amanuensis: Assumed the role of a web developer apprentice and amanuensis, participating in the development process and freelancing activities.

Technical Details 🛠️

  • Tech Stack: iOS, Android, JavaScript, HTML.
  • Role: Apprentice in concept, design, and development.

Skills Developed 🛡️

  • Cross-Platform Development: Gained experience in cross-platform development, working with both iOS and Android mediums.
  • Freelancing Experience: Developed an understanding of freelancing dynamics, including client communication and project delivery.