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Project Overview 🌟

  • Client: Naka Studio, an upscale beauty studio in Seattle, WA.
  • Developer: My company, Swanson Digital Arts, where I help clients bring their vision to life.
  • Role: Lead Developer and Project Manager.

Skills Developed 🛡️

  • Astro.js: Leveraged the capabilities of Astro.js, an open-source web framework ideal for creating content-heavy websites with high performance. The framework stands out for its compatibility with various UI frameworks, allowing the integration of components written in different languages into a single Astro file.
  • Tailwind CSS: Utilized Tailwind CSS for styling, creating a visually appealing and responsive design that aligns with the brand's aesthetics.
  • Client Communication and Project Management: As the solo lead developer, you handled all aspects of client communication and project management, ensuring the client's vision was accurately represented on the website.

Features 🌈

  • Optimized for SEO: The website is optimized for SEO, ensuring the brand's online presence is enhanced through a SEO strategy reinforced by analytics data.
  • Responsive Design: The website is designed to be responsive, offering a seamless user experience across all devices.
  • Modern Aesthetics: The website embodies modern aesthetics, creating a visually appealing and user-friendly platform that aligns with the brand's aesthetics.
  • Personalized Content: Created sections to introduce Alisha Nakamura and her journey in the beauty industry, fostering a personal connection with the clients.
  • Service Menu and Policies: Detailed the services offered and the policies to be noted before booking, providing all essential information in a structured manner.