Web App


The Concept 🧠

  • JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Created a fun web app dedicated to ranking Stands from the iconic anime series, leveraging my passion for the show to build something unique and engaging.
  • User Engagement: Designed with fans in mind, future iterations will include a platform where fans can interact and share their opinions on different Stands.

The Build 🛠️

  • T3 Stack: Took full advantage of the T3 Stack (TypeScript, tRPC, and Tailwind) to build a responsive and dynamic web app.
  • Next.js: Utilized the power of Next.js to bring the concept to life, ensuring a smooth user experience with fast load times.

Backend Magic 🎩

  • MySQL and Prisma: Set up a robust backend using MySQL for data persistence, with Prisma serving as the ORM, ensuring seamless database interactions and secure data storage.

The Outcome 🚀

  • Learning Experience: Gained a deeper understanding of the T3 Stack and Next.js, enhancing my skill set and opening up new possibilities for future projects.
  • Community Engagement: Built a space for the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure community to engage and share their perspectives, fostering a vibrant and interactive platform.

Skills Honed 🛡️

  • Technical Skills: Enhanced my technical toolkit, getting hands-on experience with the T3 Stack and Next.js.
  • Community Building: Learned the ropes of building a community-centric app, focusing on user engagement and interaction.
  • Backend Development: Developed a strong understanding of backend development, working with MySQL and Prisma to set up a reliable and efficient database system.